Norwich vs. Aston Villa – Pre-game Assessment

Having come so close to holding Liverpool off the scoresheet at Anfield, there could be a challenge getting our Villans focused on a team at the other end of the table three days later, especially against their very popular former boss, Dean Smith.

To his credit, Smith has tightened up the Canaries’ defense and they were able to limit Man U to a penalty scored by Ronaldo in their most recent fixture, a similar fate that befell our Villans against the Reds.

The short break, and an evening game, all but guarantees a loss of intensity.  A moment of carelessness on our defense’s part will be great fodder for Teemu Pukki, Norwich’s Finnish international striker.

Still, it is hard to envisage a Steven Gerrard team not finding the drive to carry them through, even it’s only a 1-0 win.  Much as we Villa fans are anticipating a breakout game for our team where we can repeat what we did against Liverpool last year, that is not what Gerrard wants.

For now, it’s defensive discipline and the shutouts and that is likely what he will get.

Norwich 0, our Villans 1?

We’ll take that. Thank you very much.


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