Season 2021/2022, Villa Stymied by Gritty Hammers

It is particularly galling to lose to a claret and blue attired team, especially when they win in the same way our Villans do.  That is to contest every ball, especially shots, make “take no prisoner” tackles and make the most of a limited number of scoring opportunities.

Despite winning the statistical match up, the Hammers made the most of their four shots on goal to score twice.  The only uncontested shot on goal we had from a decent distance was Jacob Ramsey’s goal in the 89th minute.  Even that was from just outside the area.

Who knows how much of a factor was the loss of Digne so early in the game?  It certainly limited our thrust down the left wing and resulted in Fornals being unmarked when he scored.

Credit to the team for playing until the final whistle and for scoring the goal of the game.  Young Jacob’s ability to score with both feet, from distance and one-on-one with the keeper is a threat that will generate lots of goals for the team.

Credit also for our players taking it on the chin well.  That was almost literally what they had to do though, to be precise, it was Cash’s head, Chambers’ ear, and Luiz’ face.

If adversity toughens you up, I expect our performance against Arsenal to be off the scale.



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