Season 2021/2022, A Timely Win

Villa’s defeat of Norwich was certainly not spectacular.  More workmanlike, in fact.  Of course, that is what our new boss, Steven Gerrard, is looking for.  Just keep racking up the points.

Great skill is important and so is imagination.  Still, what makes the difference is hustle by the whole team for the whole game.  That’s what carried our Villans against Norwich. 

Watkins and Ings scored because they are very accomplished but also because they never stopped pressing.  Watkins’ goal, particularly, was his reward for racing 50 yards to gather in a pass, beating two defenders and hammering a shot through a capable goalie.

Ings’ goal required that Watkins dispossess a Norwich player, that Buendia pick up the loose ball and race at their defenders, that Ramsey join him in support, in injury time, and hit a first time shot that was saved but that Ings got himself back onside and turned a loose ball into an instantaneous shot on goal.

Our Villans need to keep doing that between now and the end of the season.  Even with Burnley playing above themselves, we have the capability to bring three points back from Turf Moor.


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